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Exam timetable

Year 11 revision resources

The final day for a potential GCSE/Level 2 exam to be scheduled is 29th June 2022. Our Year 11 students need to be available for this.

We have scheduled work experience for the week beginning Monday 27th June. This will provide an incredibly valuable experience for our students in terms of giving an insight into the workplace and helping to shape future career and study plans. At a time when opportunities have been so limited for students we are pleased to make this experience available for our young people.

Our Leavers’ Prom is scheduled for Thursday 23rd June 2022 and will take place at our usual venue of the Bristol Marriott on College Green. More details will follow in the days ahead.

The summer external examinations typically begin in mid/late April. A full timetable will be shared with you for all students when it is available.

Currently, the next big date for Year 11 is the final set of internal practice exams which will take place between 7th - 15th March. This is just over 20 school days away.   We strongly advise students apply the advice they have been offered on revision and actively work at home on areas that require improvement in preparation for these important examinations. We have a 7 minute video that you can access here for a summary of advice on how to revise: https://youtu.be/Ih2_f6N0XwQ

Due to the pandemic it is possible that plans might change due to Government decisions. We will keep parents abreast of any changes should they occur.

Yours sincerely

Mr S White
Vice Principal

JCQ teacher assessed grading policy for 2021 

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Mock exams

Exams, revision and results

Important exam information for Year 11 students - please read carefully

  • Personalised seating timetables will be issued nearer the time.
  • Please be at the exam room in time to start the exam at the given time.
  • Please remember - no bags, coats, mobile phones etc to be taken into the exam room.
  • Please remember you must enter the exam room in silence and remain this way until you have left the room.
  • Please remember your equipment - black pens, pencils, rubber, ruler, maths equipment and calculator for science and maths papers (when allowed)
  • If you are entitled to extra time, this may be difficult to use due to the timings of the PPE exams. We value your health and wellbeing and want to ensure that you have a reasonable break and lunch time. Please therefore mark on your exam paper where you would have used your extra time so that the teacher is aware.
  • Good luck!
  • Any issues, please see Ms Murray in M2 as a matter of urgency. We will do our best to sort out any issues you may have.

Summer exam information

Important documents for candidates - please carefully read

  • These general timetables are in addition to the individual timetables which were issued to students earlier in the year.
  • Please click on the tabs at the bottom to see the timetable one week at a time.
  • Please note that start times can be changed but this will be communicated to students as soon as possible.
  • Before all exams, we aim to provide a briefing room where students can gather and have a last minute encouraging talk from the subject teacher.
  • For students sitting morning exams, we will provide a free healthy breakfast where water, juice, fruit etc. will be provided.
  • We would expect all students to attend and take advantage of both the briefing and free refreshments if possible.

Please note for reference the Exams Office is located in M2. Ms Murray is the Examinations Officer.

We recently held an assembly for all Year 11 students to remind them of the best way to prepare for examinations and to bring together the advice that we have been giving in lessons this year.

We reminded students of the importance of using time at home and during the upcoming holiday period and weekends to revise. Attending school every day is also very important.

Please see the revision presentation (Pdf, 2mb) which you might wish to discuss with your son/daughter.

Here is some subject specific revision guidance which is available to your daughter/son.

Please also see the warning to all exam candidates (Pdf, 34kb). We would be grateful if you could remind your son/daughter about the use of mobile phones during exams (Pdf, 58kb)

Exam related policies

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