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Titan House

Titan House

Being strong, resourceful, kind and the very best we can be

Mrs Vittles,
Head of Titan House

I am delighted to have been appointed Head of Titan House.

The definition of a Titan is 'a person of exceptional importance and reputation'. We use our school values of Respect, Equality, Individuality, Teamwork and Knowledge to ensure that Titan is a fun, friendly community with everyone working together to make a positive difference.

I am immensely proud of Titan students, especially our student principals, prefects and tutor representatives who have stepped into brand new roles to invest in their house and the Academy as a whole.

The Titan House team works extremely hard to improve outcomes for Titan students, and to build resilience and determination. Titan students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, to work hard and ask for help when they need it.

I am looking forward to celebrating the many successes of Titan students over the coming year, both individual and team successes, in school and out.

Mrs Pinney
Head of Titan House