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Callisto House

Callisto House

Respect, Equality, Individuality, Knowledge and Teamwork

Miss Harriott,
Head of Callisto House

It is a great privilege to be Head of Callisto House. We have an excellent team of tutors and support staff that are here to help and make sure students get the most out of their time at Sir Bernard Lovell Academy.

What do I want students to get out of being in Callisto House?

I want students to feel welcomed and part of a team. I want them to feel that they matter and that they have someone they can count on. We are all different – I want students to feel proud of their identity and celebrate the uniqueness of others. I want them to be happy and achieve their full potential.

As Head of Callisto, I ask that all members of the House follow the school values: Respect, Equality, Individuality, Knowledge and Teamwork. These values were chosen by SBL students as part of the Improving Schools Project. I ask everyone to be positive in all that they do and endeavour to leave school with no regrets. I ask students to support charity fundraising events and support one another along the way.

It would be fantastic for everyone in Callisto if everyone could get involved in the House competitions. If there is not a competition that students think suits them, then they can suggest one or ask a teacher to help them organise one! They are to be proactive!

I have been working at Sir Bernard Lovell Academy since 2006. Prior to becoming Head of House, I was Head of Music (2008-2015). I have taught students from Year 7 to Year 13, and have been a tutor for Years 7-11 and Post-16. I work very closely with Mrs Symons who has a vast amount of invaluable experience in supporting students. She is based in M4 and is there to help.

From my experience as a student and a teacher, I believe that we do our best when we are happy. Therefore, as a House team, we will do all we can to ensure our students are happy in all they do at SBL.

Mr Lyle,
Head of Callisto House