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SBL's Christmas Concert 2019
Posted on: 13/Dec/19

SBL's Christmas Concert 2019

SBL's Christmas Concert 2019 flyerWe are pleased to announce that SBL's Christmas Concert is on Wednesday, 18/12/19 at 7pm.

Tickets avialable from main reception or student services. Adults: £3 and Conc: £2.

Hard work pays off as SBL reports significant improvement in GCSE results
Posted on: 22/Aug/19

Hard work pays off as SBL reports significant improvement in GCSE results

‘Results day is an important day in the lives of our students.  It’s a day where we see the reward for five years of commitment and hard work so, this morning, it was wonderful to have the privilege of sharing these life-changing moments with our students and their families at SBL Academy in Oldland Common.’

Overall results have improved considerably this year, in particular, outcomes in Maths and English have continued to climb. At this early stage, 40% of students have achieved a pass at 5+ in Maths and English and 73% have secured a pass at grade 4+ in these subjects. This represents a strong improvement on 2018 results and is testament to the high levels of commitment shown by hard-working students, staff and our supportive parents.  Science results were strong once again this year as well as seeing improvements in History, Languages and a number of other subjects from the previous year.

Principal, Dean Anderson, was very pleased with the hard work of students in Year 11:

“Following last week’s Post 16 results, it is a delight to once again see so many SBL students do so well. In particular, it is a pleasure to be able to tangibly see the rewards for this group of students who have really responded positively to what we are offering at SBL. High standards and a wide range of opportunities to learn, both inside and outside of the classroom, has led to this group of students being in a position where the vast majority can make positive choices on what they want to do in the next phase of their lives. To have so many students staying with us in Post 16 study from September is a wonderful reflection of the improvements we continue to see at SBL and the positive attitudes of our students and their families.”

Mr Anderson went on to say:

“There are so many students I’d like to mention but I would like to publicly congratulate the following high achieving students:

Jack Davies, Harriet Harding, Marley Toghill, Jade Morgan, Emma Norris, Toby Godfrey and Tom Brodie.

Our highest attainers include:

  • Lucy Stott with 3 x Grade 9 passes and 5 x Grade 8.
  • Bailey Clark with 7 x Grade 9 passes and 2 x Grade 8.
  • Rebecca Griffin with 2 x grade 9s and 4 x Grade 8.
  • Danielle Wood with 5 x Grade 9 passes and 3 x Grade 8.
  • Stefan Mills with 4 x Grade 9 passes and 3 x Grade 8.

Last week it was a pleasure to see that all of our students heading to Higher Education were able to secure strong university placements.  This week, the next crop of Post 16 students has shown that they are also ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

GCSE results 2019
Posted on: 22/Aug/19

GCSE results 2019

GCSE results 2019

Students and teachers hard work pays off as SBL reports significant improvement in GCSE results.

Students from Sir Bernard Lovell Academy will today be celebrating significantly improved results in a number of subjects including English and Maths. The Academy has seen a rise in the basics measure, English and Maths results where students achieving Grades 4-9 has risen by 13% and Grades 5-9 by 10%. Maths results have significantly improved with over 80% of students achieving at least a Grade 4 and almost 50% a Grade 5. In English, over 80% of students achieved a Grade 4, with 58% a Grade 5 or higher. In addition, results in all subject areas have improved which will enable more of our students to gain places in our WMAT Post-16 collaboration. There has also been a rise in students achieving Grades 7 and higher across all subject areas.

Principal, Dean Anderson stated, ‘I am extremely proud of the way this cohort of students approached their examinations and it is great to see their hard work has paid off. There have been a number of significant changes at SBL in the last couple of years all geared towards providing an educational environment our students can thrive in.  We are heavily invested in our students to ensure they have the right teaching, support and tools to help them develop, achieve and be the best they can be.  To see these improvements making such a significant impact on results is hugely rewarding for us as well as our students. The good grades they have achieved gives them the opportunity to continue the education or training of their choice.’ 

A level and vocational results: Summer 2019
Posted on: 15/Aug/19

A level and vocational results: Summer 2019

Congratulations to all of our students who have collected some outstanding A level and vocational results today.

We are very pleased to see that the number of students achieving the highest grades at A level has increased considerably and that results in vocational qualifications showed a 100% pass rate, with many students achieving the top grade.

We are very proud of students who have achieved outstanding results and who are going on to attend prestigious universities. Particular congratulations go to Jasmin Leaworthy who achieved 4 A* grades and will be studying at the University of Exeter and Emily Godfrey who achieved 3 A grades and a distinction and will be studying at the University of Bath.

A number of students will move on to university, apprenticeships and employment in order to take the next steps in their lives. We are proud as a school community to have been able to support them to achieve their goals. 

GCSE Fine Art and Textiles Exhibition
Posted on: 21/Jun/19

GCSE Fine Art and Textiles Exhibition

GCSE Fine art and textiles exhibition, 4th July 2019 at SBL Academy in the Giotto Arts space. All welcome

GCSE Fine Art and Textiles exhibition, 4th July 2019 at SBL Academy in the Giotto Arts space. All welcome